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With your support, we will be able to reach our fundraising goal of $35K.

This will go towards the initiation and maintenance of our research phase at 100% for 6 months.

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Our Goal

EAAA Donation Stream

Credence Institute's current funding goal is to gain R35,000 in donations and grants for research in the Effective Animal Advocacy Africa campaign.



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Account Name:  Credence Institute

Bank:  FNB

Branch Code:  250655

Account Number:  62844029399

Reference:  Credence Donation

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PBO Status

Credence Institute ("CI") is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO Reference #: 930068987) as set out in section 30(3) of the Income Tax Act No 58 of 1962 (the Act).


CI has been approved for purposes of section18A(1)(a) of the Act and donations to the organisation will be tax-deductible in the hands of the donors in terms of and subject to the limitations prescribed in section 18A of the Act.

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